Concrete Curbing

For the first 48 hours

  • Do not allow anything on your new edge, ie. pets or children.
  • Do not use garden sprays or hose the surface of the edge.
For the first 4 weeks
  • Do not use edge trimmers, lawnmowers or garden implements close to or on the edge.
  • Avoid hitting the edge with heavy objects ie. wheel barrows etc.
Tips & Hints
  • At no time should you drive over the standard profile edge, as this will void your warranty.
  • To maintain warranty on your new edge you will need to resurface it annually using a high quality masonery sealer or ask your Borderline operator if they have an edge care program.
  • Should deep structural cracks appear in your edging you should call your Borderline operator for advice.
  • If the surface has cracking or crazing, apply sealer to the edge.
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