Craig M – SA
Having become jaded and increasingly frustrated working for a large corporate entity I made the decision it was time to work for myself. After weighing up many varied options, I decided that my own edging business was the right fit for me. Borderline Australia was not the first company I approached, but was instantly the most attractive to me.

Now, rather than dreading my working day I look forward to every job. I get a real buzz from showing off my completed work, knowing what a difference it has made to that garden or property. I receive great feedback from customers and believe this relates to me showing them respect and courtesy.

The grateful comments from customers on a finished job are the icing on the cake for me. I love being able to design and create edging that can transform a garden and am more than happy with the support and expertise Borderline Australia have provided.

Don A – NSW
Much to my delight, I am very happy to say that after 11 months after investing in a Borderline Australia package, I made the right decision. At that time, I felt totally stagnated in my field of work. Now, thanks to that decision, my horizon is now much broader. I believe that I am only limited by my creativity, ability & determination. In a broad sense, the Borderline experience so far has opened my eyes to a much better way of living.

The Borderline Package itself has exceeded my expectation in several areas:
  • Technical support & Training – all my enquiries are still being answered quickly to this day;
  • Helping with finding work – Borderline Australia staff have helped me enormously with marketing advice and they still supply jobs that are phoned into their office;
  • The equipment design is great – I save a lot of time that other people in the industry spend cleaning up sites and setting up equipment. The design probably saves me an hour a day.
  • Profitability is fantastic – I easily earn in one day what used to take me a week as an employee. On a yearly basis, I am earning 30% + more than what I did doing 60 hour weeks in an office and I am technically still a rank beginner!
  • Ethical Borderline Australia policy – I don’t find myself competing against 5 other operators in my area.
The skills I have picked up while involved with this business are invaluable, in too many ways to describe here.

Harlan C – NSW
Bananacoast Borderline is based in Coffs Harbour and owned/operated by myself, Harlan Cooper, previously and Aerospace Systems Engineer for Rolls Royce (Gas Turbines) in Bristol, England.

I joined Borderline in January 2004, 6 months after I emigrated here from the UK with my wife, Alice, and our two daughters, Grace and Evelyn. I started in the height of summer and although I didn’t have much of an idea of what was involved, I was confident that it was the right niche for Coffs. I started training and Craig brought up all of my equipment and helped me complete my first couple of jobs. For my first job I’d approached the biggest Garden Nursery in the area to install edging into their extensive car park in exchange for free and permanent advertising. Almost immediately after installing my signs I secured my first couple of jobs, both of a good size and my reputation began to spread. Admittedly, if that’s all the advertising I’d organised for myself then things would have grown at a steady, but slow rate. All in all I’m very happy with my business and especially with the support and loyalty shown to me by Borderline. I’m outside working in the best climate in the world, making lots of contacts and acquaintances and I’ve even lost that spare tyre that I had been slowly cultivating in my prior profession as a ‘desk jockey’, which my wife definitely approves.

Chris Y - NSW
Photo – Chris trailer shot
Since becoming involved with Borderline Australia I have not looked back.

With hard work and determination we have succeeded in making our business grow. With a lot of my work coming from referrals, it is important for us to give a high level of customer service.

Thanks to Borderline, they were able to give the support I needed to get me started in business. My advice to anyone looking at this venture is to aim high and set your targets, be patient and it will all fall into place for you.

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