Turf Cutter
Also sold separately for $6950 (inclusive of GST)
- exit Sydney

The all terrain trenching machine. Driven off the rear wheels and with the cutting blade wider than the wheel tracks (cut hard up against walls, paths, driveways etc), this machine makes digging a trench a pleasure. Capable of cutting 100m in 15 minutes, the unique handlebar system provides stability and manoeuvrability over any terrain.

  • Honda petrol engine
  • Height adjustable handles
  • Telescopic cutting blade depth control
  • Heavy duty bearings
  • Power source - petrol engines
  • High tensile cutting blades
  • Bigger tyres for maximum traction
  • Double crank drive to cutting blade
  • Rear wheel drive for superior traction

  • Petrol engine means: - No extension leads no tripping hazard
  • No safety tags
  • No Work Cover issues and no heavy fines for onsight safety
  • Maximum power
  • More stability
  • Maximum traction
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