Am I suited to this type of business?
A question you will be asking yourself. Our current Borderline business owners range from fields as diverse as factory labourers, It specialists, office management, golf pro, bank managers, nursing, aero space engineer, painter, electrician, fireman, truck driver and the list goes on. All with the one goal – to better their lifestyles! Don’t just take our word for it, if you would like to talk with any of these operators, we will gladly pass on their contact details to you.

Once I buy a business pack, how am I going to get the work?
We show you how to market and promote yourself through advertising layouts & designs, signs at customers jobs, displays etc. But it is like any business the more you put into it the more you get out of it. If you sit there and just wait for the phone to ring, nothing will happen. You need to get out there and promote yourself through displays, ads & flyers. It does take a few months to establish your new business and we recommend that you have working capital.

Is the garden edging business seasonal
Yes, the edging demand will slightly decrease but your planning and marketing for the coming months should be as big a priority as your current jobs. We schedule our workshops in winter to allow you to develop your new skills to be efficient & competent for the busy period ahead. If it rains you normally can’t work on site, but this leaves the perfect opportunity for quotes or letter box drops in the surrounding areas. Machinery maintenance is an important part and can be more frequent in these months.

Machinery maintenance? How much is there?
Daily maintenance would be as simple as ensuring you thoroughly clean your edging machine & cement mixer after each job. Weekly check belt tensions, bolt tightness & follow motor manufacturers manuals for service intervals.

Is this a one man operation?
Yes it can be. But on a rare occasion when you have a large workload or work environment that requires lifting or ramps you could look at an off sider, labourer or another Borderline operator to work with you.

How much can I earn?
With work availability it is up to you. You can earn $300 per day to $1000+ a day. It is like any business, the more you put into it the more you earn. We give you full training so you can reach your own potential.

Can my wife or partner be involved?
Most definitely yes, and we encourage this as most successful partnerships succeed better with both involved. Many of our existing operators have both partners involved on many levels, from book keeping to quoting to actually working on the job site.

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